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Penis Massage Guide: Drive Him Wild With Pleasure!

If you and your partner assert been all together long an adequate amount, you’ll realize absolutely how much fun it is to explore all other’s bodies. One erotic put on an act we’re especially fond of is penis massage, too acknowledged as penis stretching, dawdling handjob, lingam massage, tantric massage, or “jelqing.”

Popular this manual, we’ll teach you everything you need to know on the subject of giving your guy a proper penis massage. Let’s check them on show!

What Is A Penis Massage? (Penis Massage against Handjob)
Many confederate it with a handjob or masturbating, but frankly, they are two changed things.

First and foremost, a penis massage is slower and more sensual compared to a handjob. I like to say so as to a penis massage requires a fragment of tender loving protection. Popular my assignment, I love massaging Tim’s cock little by little and gently. It’s a aware part of his body, and lone wicked move can hurt his part.
Another difference concerning the two is the piece of evidence so as to a penis massage takes longer than a handjob. I like to achieve it little by little with Tim. I lack him to savor each single pat and sensation. If you think you’ll be boring your partner to death with this, think again as they’ll be begging in favor of more.
Another elder difference is their single-mindedness. With handjobs, our primary goal is to pressurize somebody into our partner climax. That’s too lone of the reasons why handjobs are closer as we lack our man to cum the soonest on the cards while to create them the pleasure they’re longing in favor of. Our strokes are earlier and firmer, and we wastage our lips and tongue to pressurize somebody into him cum by the soonest on the cards while. Well, that’s not the assignment with penis massage. The primary single-mindedness is to assert an enjoyable while all together.

How To Give Your gentleman A Penis Massage

First while to create your man a penis massage?

Whether it’s your main while or not, each session be supposed to be well prepared to realize the consequence you’re gone.

Nothing beats a help grounding as it comes to penis massage (or gender, in favor of so as to matter).

1. Create A Romantic Setting
Whenever we’re in the mood to search out kinky, we pressurize somebody into positive to hard the genuine tone main.

Whether we’re burden rough and hardcore gender or approximately incredibly excitable gender acting or a penis massage, we go away the luxury mile by ensuring we assert the genuine atmosphere to achieve what did you say? We assert in mind.

Since penis massaging is slower and more intimate, I like to light red candles in our bedroom.

I rather aromatic candles, specifically individuals so as to smell of roses, in favor of our session.

It too helps to assert approximately soft melody in the background, such as romantic instrumental songs.

I too ensure so as to Tim is comfortable, so he can concentrate on what did you say? I’m burden.

The genuine tone serves as an inspiration in favor of both of us to love what did you say? We are burden.

2. Use Lube Or Oil
Since a dick massage takes more while than a handjob, you need to apply prosperity of lubricants. We like using a water-based lubricant, specifically scented ones.

Also, Tim finds chamomile or jasmine scented lubes very relaxing, and I think they smell imposing, too. They calm the senses so as to by the while we assert finished the massage, we feel relaxed and fall having a lie-down ecstatic and pleased.

Pro Tip: Having long fingernails can be sexy but trust me, they’re a nuisance as giving a handjob or a phallus massage.

3. Block Off 30 Minutes
Seeing that mentioned earlier, penis massages can keep going in favor of up to 30 minutes, while you can achieve a handjob in as fast as five minutes.

During this full stop, we don’t lack some desperation at all, and if there’s lone affair so as to can prevent us from burden our kinky session is the presence of our mobile phones.

Imagine receiving a phone call in the intermediate of the massage and how maddening it can be.

We continually spin our phones to silent mode and position them somewhere away from our bed.

This way, we can achieve whatever we lack with no whatever thing contravention our momentum.

Another is to keep the box rancid. We understand so as to now and again those act penis massage as a spur-of-the-moment kind of affair, but you need to create it your 100% attention if you lack to have the benefit of it. If you assert the box on, odds are you’ll search out distracted, especially if you’re watching a spy movie or an action-packed film!

4. Start With A Deep Groin Massage
Don’t go away straight to massaging the penis. Make positive so as to your man is too well stimulated, and lone of the as a rule operative ways to achieve so is by giving him a deep groin massage.

A groin massage helps his muscles relax and sets him in the mood in favor of something more intimate.

I like giving Tim an inner thigh massage by little by little massaging his inner knee and pitiful my hands up little by little to his inner groin, getting as close as on the cards to his pelvis.

I’ll achieve this on both thighs in favor of a a small number of minutes.

5. Take Time To Explore His Penis
The penis is a unique part of a man’s body. And even though I’ve been with Tim in favor of years, I come what may fail to remember each designate of his adulthood.

I absolutely love looking by it, especially as it grows from lifeless to erect, and I pressurize somebody into it a item to explore his penis in advance giving him a penis massage.

I especially like to pat the tip of his cock with my fingers and close my hands around his bar.

Feeling it grow harder makes me horny, but I know I assert to control myself to stick to my goal.

6. Pay Attention To Everything
Besides using my hands to stimulate his cock, I too have the benefit of using my tongue to explore each part of his penis, such as his aware balls.

However, I try not to suck his cock but as a replacement for absolutely tease it with my tongue and lips. I too like to cuddle his balls and lick them gently.

7. Check His Reactions
How exactly can we tell if we’re giving our man the preeminent cock massage?

It’s unadorned. We assert to be observant of the reply!

For me, it’s a trial and miscalculation process. I know I’m burden it genuine if Tim is moaning and groaning vociferously with pleasure or as he is arching his back and scattering his legs wider.

He likes to close his eyes to savor each single following.

Another operative way to know so as to you’re giving the proper pressure and pat on so as to massage is by communicating openly with your partner.

Don’t be shy to ask him if he likes what did you say? You’re burden or not.

Better yet, ask in favor of his suggestions. He knows his body better than you achieve!

8. Make Him Come Close, Then Back Off
One fun affair on the subject of giving Tim a relaxing penis massage is I feel perfectly in control of the state of affairs.

I can achieve whatever I lack with his cock as long as it’s pleasurable in favor of him.

For model, I get it thrilling at any time I know he is on the verge of having an orgasm. Bear in mind so as to a cock massage’s major single-mindedness is in favor of pleasure and not in favor of your partner to climax, absolutely like with handjobs.

Luckily, I know very well as Tim is prepare to cum, so I delay his orgasm by edging. I too like chat him by stopping, absolutely as he’s prepare to explode.

According to him, the experience is mind-blowing, and now and again he gets a little irritated as he couldn’t arrive by all.

Finally, if you’re into BDSM, you can try something called a ruined orgasm. Please read our manual on the subject of it at this time.

9. You Could Use Toys To Step Things Up
We’ve been very receptive on the subject of our love in favor of gender toys, and no problem, we too wastage them in our penis massages.

I like being badly behaved in bed, and Tim loves it too at any time I join in with his cock.

For order, I like to wastage penis sleeves or Fleshlights as I massage him. I think it’s very stimulating as approximately of them feel like a woman’s real vagina. We too tried urethral sounding in our massages. However, this is more in favor of the superior players.

Some Penis Massage Techniques You Can Try

Seeing that a join, we assert been burden male genital massage in favor of a long while.

We’ve been learning so much, and we think it’s on the subject of while we share with you approximately techniques so as to we assert learned from our experiences.

Below you’ll get approximately tips and tricks you can too wastage at any time you’re in the mood in favor of a soothing and fantastic penis massage.

1. Fingertips barely
This method is improve in favor of individuals who are still a little fragment shy use their man’s penis.

So in assignment you’re still a fresh join demanding on show approximately kinky gender acting, this is ideal in favor of you.

Seeing that the tag suggests, all you need is to wastage your fingertips to massage his cock.

You can pressurize somebody into a small ring with your fingers and wastage it to move up and down the complete span of his penis. You can too adjust your cleave to from soft to tense as well as the burn rubber. It’s all up to you.

Pro Tip: For the warm-up, you can wastage your fingers to pat the tip of his cock and balls.

2. Elongated bar strokes
This method is perhaps lone of Tim’s favorite.

It’s straightforward to achieve, especially if you already know how to create your man a handjob.

Elongated bar strokes can stimulate the penis to turn out to be harder and more erect.

Use hands or fingers to pressurize somebody into long strokes all finished your man’s bar. You can achieve it little by little by main to excite him and it follows that achieve it a little fragment closer. If he is on the subject of to arrive, sojourn and move little by little. Remember so as to it is a massage and not a handjob!

3. Frenulum barely
To create your guy the preeminent penis massage on the cards, you need to stimulate his frenulum. This may well be news to many women, but the frenulum derived from a Latin word process “little restrain,” which refers to a small fold of tissue found lower the glans penis.

It’s a aware area, and you can wastage your employee or fingers to massage this part.

Whenever I wastage this method, I like to sit concerning Tim’s legs and it follows that clasp my fingers around his penis. I it follows that have a rest my thumbs in opposition to his frenulum and apply a circular beckon while my fingers and palms cleave to the bar tightly or loosely based on what did you say? I notice fits.

4. Palm barely on the head
The glans penis is too acknowledged as the tip or head of the cock is too a aware area which makes it an outstanding smidgen in favor of a pleasurable dick massage.

For this method, you will barely be using your palm to massage the penis.

So how achieve I achieve this?

First, I rub approximately lube all finished my employee, receptive my palm, and position it on top of Tim’s cock. I don’t close my employee by all but simply keep it receptive through the massage. Then I pressurize somebody into dawdling circular schedule with my palm, and now and again, I position in approximately long bar strokes in concerning.

5. Bottle starter
This method requires a little skill or practice. That’s as you’ll be using your employee to massage the penis while making a twisting beckon as you move up.

I noticed so as to we assert to wastage more lube at any time we act this trick, but it is worth it.

The pressure as you twist your way up is absolutely an adequate amount, so you don’t assert to press or cleave to the cock too inflexible.

Subsist meticulous, though, as if you twist too inflexible, it can be labored in favor of your man!

6. Infinite pit
This lone is a little tricky but satisfying.

Whenever I act the extreme pit on Tim, I move my genuine employee down along his bar and position my missing employee on top. Before the head of his cock reaches the closing stages of my missing employee, I would remove my genuine employee and place it on top so so as to the sensation continues to flood.

Sometimes, I too add a little twisting beckon with my hands or stroke his glans penis. I like burden this method with prosperity of lube.


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